Your Success is 100% Up To You!

Don’t you just hate that type of saying when there is no specific help or instruction as to how to do that!

It is the same as those other statements: everything you need to succeed you have inside you!

I remember attending these types of seminars years ago and quite frankly I felt the speaker did not truly understand what these sayings mean because they never, ever, explained what it meant, or how to implement this.

Today we are going to delve into what this means so you have a better grasp of what you can do about this topic of achieving success.

This topic is important if you have been stuck trying to achieve success and keep being stymied because what you have been doing does not get the results so you continue to fail and this lowers self-esteem even more; if you really do not know what to do or where to go to finally get down to the real issues involved; or you simply are ready to do something and need some help. Hopefully this article will give you a way forward.

If you want to achieve success in any area of your life your need to do things differently from what you are doing now. True! And. The key is that you need to commence some kind of ritualistic approach to cleaning up “stuff” in your life. Beliefs, attitudes and values are the places to start.

You have all heard this before and still have not been able to break to code! I know I know you say. Just give me the good oil, the magic pill, and make it quick and easy!

Here is the magic pill. There is none!

But. Do you have to continue to suffer with lack of knowledge and understanding? No. There is a way forward. You probably are stymied by “tips”. Tips for success. Tips for health and wellness. Tips for every little thing on this planet.

Let me tell you clearly here. There are no tips!!!! This is about actually doing something which you can easily do. And. It is FREE!

The basis of ALL non-success, failure dis-ease and the like, is stress. Stress is pervasive and affects every part of your life even if you do not recognise this. When we talk about how stress affects success, one of the major things is that it affects your mindset, particularly the aspect of self-esteem. If you have no self-esteem you will not have the confidence to take action and move forward.

Lack of self-esteem leads you to continue to fall back into negative patterns of thought, behaviour and no action. So, it seems that you could work on self-esteem first, or even better, work on how stress is affecting your life.

Stress causes chemical reactions throughout the body/mind and therefore this automatic function overrides all other aspects of thought- control. When your body is under attack from cortisol you go into fight/flight mode and you are trying to survive the situation you have found yourself in. If this continues you start to develop a “lack of action” mindset. You really do not know what to do or how to do it because your brain becomes clouded and your judgement appears to be lacking due to this cortisol.

Ok. So, what can you do? Realistically and enthusiastically, the most basic and best, by-the-way, of tackling stress and resolving it permanently, is by breathing correctly. What, you say! Breathing? Is this a joke or what? No.

How do I do that? By stopping the flood of cortisol and slowing down your reaction times to stressor triggers. Quite simply, by instigating correct breathing into your daily life, will help you resolve stress. When stress is resolved your self-esteem will increase. When your self-esteem is increased you will increase your confidence. And, having those two aspects strengthened will give you the courage to try new things. It will also, by default, strengthen your belief in yourself. When your self-belief is increased you will be more likely to take steps towards your desired end result.

Look at someone who has cancer – now that is non-success in a big way! There are several courses of action to take. However, what most survivors have done is they start new rituals to cleanse their body/mind.

They eat better and more cleanly. They exercise more. They focus on limiting, altering and stopping their beliefs, attitudes and language and commence actions to change this negative behaviours. They also meditate to gain a calmer and more peaceful approach to life in general.

And, guess what? Meditation is part focus and part breathing better or more correctly! Yes. One of the major ways to change your stress and hence increase your self-esteem and confidence is by breathing better. Breathing is a form of meditation. Why not make life work better for you and instead of meditation just breathe better? You will be killing two birds with one stone here. You will have done your meditation and changed your physiology when you breathe correctly. And that is key!

Have you also noticed that certain people have an aura about them – of either being erratic and distressed or of being clam and at peace.? How did they achieve that more positive state? They did a few things like: decluttered their lives to make room for more positive things to be attracted into their lives. Decluttering their lives of negative behaviours is key here as well.

Take a look at how babies breathe. They breathe from their lower abdomen. Little babies are centred, happy and present int their own little world. They live in a bubble of love. If you want to get back to that natural state of how you were when you were born you will simply copy how a baby breathes.

Is this right for you? What have you got to lose? This is free. You are breathing anyway, why not do it properly and see how it feels.

To be successful you really need to ask if you really want to be successful. If you are happy where you are then don’t do anything. However, if you want to live a different life you have to start doing things differently.

Yes. At some stage, a later stage, you have to examine truthfully: what beliefs am I holding around success, self-esteem, growth etc? What attitudes do I have on a daily basis? What are my values? This is painful stuff to do as it entails examining your current life in detail and actually making a decision about where you want to be, but most importantly, express the” why” of what you want to achieve.

In this examination you have to accept certain rules and choices e.g. you have to be willing to accept 100% responsibility for where you are now. You have to make a plan and be consistent in applying your rules.

But most importantly you have to increase confidence. This only comes about when you increase your self-esteem.

Increased self-esteem gives you the courage to try new things.

But most of all you need to take minute baby steps towards your more preferred future, daily. As I said, all of this comes later. And you will find that some of these things happen by default even if you aren’t focussing on them.

In the mean-time there is the other option. The FREE way, and the only way, because it does not involve willpower and lots of focused attention and goal-setting and so on. It is, to simply breathe more correctly!

Why not try it and see and feel for yourself? This could be the magic pill you’ve been waiting for! If ever there was one, this is it!