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Corporate wellness and the wellbeing of employees, depends upon the overall wellness of its components: its’ leaders, the leadership, employee mental health, organisational culture, the human resource strategies adopted, and the basic values, goals and vision of a corporation – those being of prime importance.

Leadership wellness depends on how well a leader is able to look after themselves firstly, then their employees.

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Employee wellness, (and we are talking about Employee Mental Health issues here), is derived from stress reduction. Most people approach the issue of stress as being wholly derived from the workplace. However, this is simply not true. The nature of what comprises a person’s Stress Barrel is complex and needs to be examined in the overall scheme of how you approach solutions to Workplace Mental Health issues.  Primarily we are talking about: depression, anxiety and burnout.

A corporation is made up of a collection of individuals. For a corporation to be well – operating effectively on all levels – profitability, productivity, efficiently, socially, culturally, environmentally, have actionable strategies, inspiring employees to hook into the vision – at its’ very heart and soul – each component needs to be operating effectively.

A workable definition of Leadership is: “Leadership is a process of social influence, which maximises the efforts of others, towards the achievement of a goal.” Kruse

If we accept this definition, then a corporation’s wellness depends on the wellness – the wellbeing of its leaders, and its staff, and how effective leadership is.

Of major importance now is the issue of Employee Mental Health. The issues involved in corporate wellness are both external and internally related to these kinds of factors: Is it a safe environment? Are team leaders emotionally stable? Are there issues of productivity and profitability that override the considerations of the wellbeing of staff? Do staff have control over the outcomes of their decisions? Are they overworked? Are they in the right jobs for their specific skill-set? And. Many. Many more.

When assessing the wellness of a corporation and the wellbeing of its staff, research has indicated that the uptake of EAP’s is between 5-7%. This means that there exists a trust issue between employees and management. Employees do not want to attract attention. Nor do they want to be stigmatised or treated differently.

Research has also indicated that up to 87% of employees are depressed or anxious, from mild through medium to severe. This indicates that ALL employees could benefit from programs that deal with alleviating these types of issues in the workplace. This means that programs need to be inclusive of everyone and which do not single anyone out.

The types of programs offered by Celine Healy Consulting are scientifically researched, tested and proven world wide over many years and thousands of people. They are guaranteed to work as there exists measuring equipment that assesses progress along the way.

Taking one step at-a-time and implementing stages, so that employees willingly engage and adopt new measures, is the way forward. Only in this way will great improvement be achieved.

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