Corporate Booklet

Did you know that:
• 87% of Australian workers are either: depressed, suffer from distress or have anxiety issues, from mild through to moderate or severe
• 50 % of Australian workers feel that their employer does not care about their mental wellbeing
• 50% of workers also say that they do not feel that their employer values the contribution they make (Australian Psychological Association 2105 Study)
Imagine if you could:
• Find out how you could reduce the obvious and hidden costs of staff unhappiness easily and effortlessly
• Dramatically increase the likelihood of making your place of business a “happy” working environment and
• Learn new, yet proven ways to do this and stand out in today’s business world as a leader in providing staff with what they need to feel a sense of belonging and wellbeing, as well as be able to increase efficiency, productivity and our bottom line


Stress Quiz

Is Stress Endangering Your Health? Take This Quiz and Find Out. To reduce stress, you firstly need to know where your starting point. Then you need to implement specific strategies that have proven to work. Then you need to be able to monitor your progress so you can make changes when necessary.

Complete Your Quiz Here:
Tick the most appropriate answer. Total your score. Read your results and look at the diagram of the Stress Resolution Road Map to learn what your result means and how you can resolve your stress issues more easily and effortlessly.


From Stress to Success Model

The “From Stress to Success Model” of Wellness was developed over time, by observation, trial and error to see what worked and what didn’t. It forms the basis of the philosophy of the simple self-care strategies to increase wellbeing developed on Wellness That Works Personal Development Blog site. These simple self-care strategies encourage people to complete their journey to wellness, one step at a time. In this way the results will be permanent.

Download your copy now to get an idea of why this model was developed and how, by taking a step-by-step approach to improving health and well-being, you will gain truly remarkable results.