Hello! I’m Celine Healy.

I’d like to share a bit about my story so you get to know a little about me and what prompted me to move into the area of helping people resolve stress.

On the verge of burnout, in a job that I was not suited to, that my skill set was incompatible with, not game to put up my hand to say that I wasn’t coping, for fear of ridicule and being called a failure, and more importantly, feeling a failure, I caused enormous damage to my health and wellbeing because I felt an obligation to my employer to do the right thing. Never mind about the potential and possibly permanent detriment to my health.

I decided to take a weekend off and headed off to a retreat. Busy people try to fill their day and want to be involved in everything and that is what I wanted to do when I arrived. I planned to do the morning bush walk then go do the water polo, then head off to the gym, and all before lunch.

For some reason, perhaps because I was fatigued to the bone, I lay down and collapsed. Someone roused me for lunch and I found myself sitting at a round table and people were introducing themselves. They asked me my name and what I did. I couldn’t even answer.

Sometimes in people’s lives a guardian angel arrives and taps you on the shoulder, either at a tipping point, or at exactly the right time. A chap tapped me on the shoulder and said to me: ‘Whatever you are doing, it can’t possibly be worth it.’ In essence, he gave me the permission I could not give myself to change what I was doing.

Hence, my greatest pain became my greatest passion: to find out as much as I could about how to resolve stress and let others know, and to heal myself of burnout that I had sent myself into.

I learned a lot about stress, it’s effects and what was available and how effective the treatments were. I attended hundreds of seminars and courses and became trained in many alternative methods. They all worked to some extent, but you had to deal with one issue at a time. I wanted to find a method that would work and be available for a large number of people.

My experience with these short courses was that whatever was being taught would just not stick long term. I also found that approximately 97% of all so-called “success” courses failed its’ participants. There seemed to be two main approaches:

The first approach is this:

  • Set a goal
  • Work out a strategy/a plan of action, then
  • Take action

Witness how well this works, especially around New Year’s Eve, when the majority of resolutions are made. People are lucky to reach week six, then they fail. People fail because they do not know how to set goals, nor do they understand the physiological response behind why they are not achieving success.

The second approach goes something like this:

  • Set your goal
  • Change how you think, then this will
  • Automatically change your behavior

Now. How successful do you think that approach is with a person who is stressed to the max, who is depressed or who is highly anxious. Not very!

The reason is when you try to introduce massive amounts of willpower, which is a conscious level technique, it takes a lot of effort, and your subconscious keeps trying to pull you back to a safe position. It wants to keep you where you are because that seems to be working.

So, for me, there was a long process of learning, sifting and sorting and working out the best way to go forward. Then I developed my model of wellness, The Stress to Success Model (you can click here to download this on the FREE Resources Page), whereby we take one step at a time to ensure success, and we master that one thing before we move on.

I found what I was looking for that was the cause real of stress behavior and why people kept repeating the same things overs and over, as though they were trapped in a continual ground hog day of action and reaction, emotional upset and then trying to get over this. This is what I discovered…

The two issues behind stress which need to be addressed so that you can repair your patterns and behavior are:

  1. How you respond to stress md
  2. And what issues were underlying a person’s repetitive stress response habits.

Why do they continue to do what they do when logically they know it will not give a different result?

I discovered everything affects the physical body/mind and the best way forward was to repair that body/mind. At the same time, we needed to increase a person’s energy. So, with the tools and technology, we retrain a person’s baseline resilience to stress, so they then come from a more positive default position. So, when the worker comes across a stressful event in the future, the person will have built up their resilience muscle and be able to bounce back more quickly and easily and effortlessly.

Effectively, what we are doing in any training, is to head off these stresses experienced by the workforce and retrain for more effective ways to respond to stress, before these manifest into long-term, severe, mental health issues.

So, since all of the above happened I have written several books, given lots of talks, developed a DIY program for individuals so that everyone has access to this content, written for large publications, and commenced consulting for corporations, which I  particularly love.

Today I really enjoy what I do, spreading the message about how people can resolve stress easily with a little effort.

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It’s nice to meet you.

I look forward to being of service to you.

Best regards

Celine Healy
CEO Celine Healy Consulting
+61 408 646 887

My Vision

My Vision, is for a stress-free planet, with people living very productive and happy lives, being back in control, having increased energy and increased resilience to stress.

My Mission

My Mission is to help 10 million + people RESOLVE STRESS in their lives, utilising simple and very effective life-time tools and techniques that lead to permanent results. It is about self-regulation. Putting back control of their health and their destiny in their own hands.