Resilience Training to Improve
Employee Mental Health

How to Increase Resilience in Your Employees’ Mental Health

Celine Healy Consulting

Utilises Scientifically Proven Resilience Training Programs
Sydney, Canberra, New South Wales, and East Coast Australia

Resilience Training Sydney

Measure. Monitor, Change/Improve

Celine Healy is one of only a few Corporate Resilience trainers in Sydney who uses a combination of subjective and objective measurements to be able to guarantee successful outcomes for here training. This type of triaging is backed by scientific research of its short-and-long-term effectiveness. Bespoke additions can be requested in addition to the programs.

Corporate Resilience Training

Sydney, Canberra, New South Wales

In these most turbulent times, in order to keep and nurture your best asset, your employees, Corporate Resilience Training has become a necessity, not a luxury. Training Management first sets the standard for staff buy-in. The beauty of this type of training is that appropriate hardware measures the starting point for each individual and then it monitors progress weekly so that individual success is guaranteed.

Resilience Training Courses

East Coast Australia

Celine Healy conducts training in New South Wales, her home state, most preferably in person, as well as online after the initial session. Celine prefers to get to know each staff member as an individual so she can assess and intuit the most pressing concerns of each individual. These courses all have relevant exercise books for personal assessment, as well as hardware equipment that sets out a starting point and measures individual progress along the way.

Celine Healy-CEO 

Wellness & Stress Resolution Specialist
I started Celine Healy Consulting because I love working with organizations and their
employees, helping them increase resilience to all kinds of stress and pressure, and thus
helping them achieve overall wellness. Celine is passionate about Resilience Training to
Improve Employee Mental Health, adding a new dimension which incorporates an
holistic approach to increased overall wellbeing.
“The best corporate trainers are constantly researching new methods to add
to their basket of skills to make sure they are applying an holistic approach to
improved Wellbeing.” – C. Healy

Corporate Resilience Training East Coast of Australia

A highly sought-after speaker, trainer and writer on Resilience Training
to Improve Employee Mental Health in New South Wales,
Sydney and Canberra, and East Coast Australia