Did you know:

  • that only 13% of employees are fully engaged?
    (Washington Post 2013)
  • that 87% of employees are depressed on some level (mild, medium or severe) (Australian Psychological Society 2011-2015 Study)
  • that 49% of employees felt that their employer did not care about their mental health or well-being, or valued their contribution (APS 2015 Study)

The unfortunate thing is that these studies have already “proven” that there is a major issue affecting companies with respect to stress and mental health issues. Evidence also indicates that poor mental health costs Australian Business $10.9 Billion every year in lost Productivity, Absenteeism, Presenteeism and Compensation claims.

And. That it takes an average cost of AUD$23,753 to attract, hire and train a new staff member.

The evidence also indicates that the return on investment- ROI – for every dollar invested in programs of effective mental health initiatives, returns on average $2.30.

If this is the case, when are companies going to invest in their most precious asset, their staff, so that they share a happy, efficient, more productive, and therefore more profitable work place?

What does an “agreed” mentally healthy work place look like?
  • That people have a shared vision of, and a commitment to positive mental health
  • That work demands are realistic in a way that balances the needs of staff and the employer and do not pose an unreasonable risk to the mental health of individuals
  • That everyone in the work place feels comfortable to speak openly about mental health and mental health conditions, without fear of stigma or discrimination.

Hopefully this will create a culture of respect and inclusivity.

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What does a healthy workplace look like in Australia?

According to Australian law the Workplace, Health and Safety Act indicates that an employer must take steps to protect workers against risks to their physical and mental health. So, there appears to be an implicit agreement that that is what employers need to do. But what exactly is being done? The basic requirements cover: awareness and understanding of what a mental health issue looks like, particularly depression and anxiety- but what action needs to be taken after that?

What could a newer version of a healthy workplace look like?

Based on the discussion on the Home Page, this indicates a dire lack of knowledge and understanding of how, why and where mental health issues arise. This lack of understanding leads to lack of action e.g. specific prevention is almost completely lacking!

Mental Health issues are stressed-based. When you help people change how they respond to stress these are the results that can be achieved in the work place:

  • Have a happier work force
  • Have reduced staff turnover
  • Have increased the baseline resilience to stress
  • Have workers who are less depressed, have reduced anxiety, reduced fatigue, and feel better about themselves
  • Have increased energy and are sleeping better
  • Who are more present and more aware
  • Who are better communicators, and are making better decisions
  • Who are engaged, are more focused, have increased clarity, and are performing more optimally
  • Who seem to gain more time to complete tasks because they are more productive and efficient
  • Who feel that their employer cares about their mental health and wellbeing
  • Who feel that their employer values their contribution and who feel they can now make the contribution they would like to make
  • Who have gained more control over their work/life balance and this leads to a happier, healthy work force.

A happier work place leads to increased creativity, increased productivity and efficiency, greater staff retention and reduced costs of training and retaining staff which leads to an overall increased bottom line.

In order to obtain these types of results you need to be able to measure stress so that you can monitor it. This will enable you to make small adjustments to change or improve what you are doing to get the results you desire. This equipment is available within the programs offered here.

This is what these programs offered here are all about: helping people change how they respond to stress so that their baseline resilience to stress strengthens and they will be coming from a positive position, having increased energy and being able to focus, have clarity and feel happier than they have ever before. Conquering stress leads to fewer long-term mental health issues and a more productive and efficient workplace.

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In any consultation, firms will get practical training that can be implemented easily and they will see how this software and hardware works so they can understand the implications for long term stress reduction results. And. This means fewer long- term mental health issues and a happier, more productive, more efficient staff, with less turnover and reduced staff recruitment and training costs, all of which affect and hence increase your bottom line.

The programs offered here do that very thing – get to the real causes underlying stress-based issues/mental health issues, and help employees change how they respond to stress. The skills learnt are life time skills that can help them overcome many emotional, physical and mental health issues, and catch them, before they develop into some long term, mental health issue, for which medication is needed permanently in order to be able to cope.

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For Larger Corporations of 50+ employees the types of programs offered appear below. However, please note, that any or all programs, will be tailored to your specific needs. 

Short Consultations

  • Corporate Wellness
  • WHS Compliance
  • Stress Resolution
  • Company Topic Specific

In-House Consultations

  • measurable wellness programs
  • improving employee M H & W
  • improving corporate wellness
  • WHS Compliance

Combined In-House & Digital Consultations

  • measurable wellness programs
  • WHS Compliance
  • improving corporate wellness
  • improving employee M H & W 


  • Health & Wellness
  • WHS Compliance
  • Personal Development 


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  • Success 

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