Where does mindset arise?

When people, leaders included, talk about mindset, it’s like a lot of things – no clear understanding and a general acceptance that some expert knows what is it and will tell you how to change it for the better. Where does mindset arise from? Your stress journey (we have looked at that in another post.)

What are the components or traits of mindset – good and bad? (see diagram)- personality, attitudes, beliefs, perceptions and so on… How do traditional experts approach trying to change mindset for the better so that you have a “growth” mindset instead of a “fixed” mindset?

They try to work on the SYMPTOMS (see below) e.g. avoid negative self-talk, negativity, work on your self-esteem and so on…

To me, this is a band-aid approach! You need to go back to * your stress journey, and get to the root cause that has resulted in your current mindset and deprogram and reprogram your subconscious and conscious minds to effect permanent change!!!!

How do you do that? Heal your body/mind and mend your heart.

When the heart is in distress the mind follows. Repair and Feed your heart with loving emotions and increase your energy by breathing correctly!!!

This is the easiest way to change mindset. #mindset #leaders     

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