Organisational cultural change requires adopting new values.  A culture of inclusivity and growth requires the adoption of a value of wellness.  Overall wellness needs to form the foundation for this new approach. Once this value has been adopted it needs to be entrenched within your vision for the company. Leaders need to embrace this value.  From this framework of overall wellness ( whatever that means to each entity whether it is: health & well-being, safety, financial growth, improved productivity or efficiency or happy staff) specific goals can be outlined and from there specific strategies for implementation of this new value can also be developed. You see, not only does wellness need to be one of the company’s highest values, this attitude needs to pervade the entire organisation – witness NSW Blues new attitude for the NRL State of Origin @Brad Fittler.  The Plan can come together when the vision is strong and you get such strong buy-in because this value of “WELLNESS” can lead to enormous increase in peak performance. Let’s start this movement towards wellness together. Have a great day!

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