Wellness That Works – Therapists of the world rejoice!

My new booklet on Wellness That Works, which will bring together everything there is about wellness that people need to know, includes a section on success and failure and what keeps people stuck. There are certain myths around these topics. Many people have programs and books e.g. The 3 Steps to Happiness The 5 Steps to Wealth or The 7 Steps to Success… and so on. The writer often gives some background e.g. I see my massage therapist every week. I go to my counsellor every 2 weeks or my psychologist 3 times a month.

What happens during/after these sessions is that the writer suddenly becomes clear about the steps they have been taking in order to achieve: success, happiness and the like. At no stage do the writers state: because of the THERAPY I was able to get clear and then develop my program….

This is the point: It is the THERAPY that works – whichever kind you use, not the 3, 5 or 7 Steps.

You can only DO the steps after you have become clear and resolved some of your issues.

What I do revolves around the THERAPY. In this way I am, able to truly help individuals move out of failure and into success. Check out my latest book.
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