The Easiest Way to Change Mindset

Now. You’d think that if you want to change your mindset you would need to do affirmations or set goals or do some regimen to alter how your CPU (described in a recent post and diagram) works so that it is coming from a positive place instead of its’ default negative position.

This incurs a lot of willpower and when people are: exhausted, have little time or have lost control over their work/life balance, adding something NEW to do in your daily efforts just to get to work is sometimes a bridge too far.

THE easiest way to change your mindset permanently, without adding some new technique is to breathe correctly.

Yes. I know that sounds absurd! However, the benefits of breathing correctly are enormous and include: more oxygen, relaxation, being better able to cope with stress, slowing down your reaction time, better health and well-being… and pretty much increasing your overall wellness.

This first technique (on the video below) is the basis of all of my trainings.

For overall wellness I have a DIY option for individuals.

For companies there is onsite and combination options for trainings in wellness.

Try it and let me know how you go. #breathing #wellness #health #wellbeing hashtag#mindset