Should you adjust the weight or change yourself and how it is affecting you?

I had been going to the gym for personal training sessions for almost 2 years. The very keen young trainers kept raising the weights on me as it “appeared” I was able to life/push up/push down easily at various stages.

In order to comply with the instructions and the increasing weight I shifted my right shoulder upwards to cater for this new weight. When I was doing the push ups with the legs I got up to 90 kgs weight. I then had to shift my left hip forward to make this easier. I adjusted my physical structure to cater to these instructions.

Both of these shifts resulted in bursitis and major hip/psoas spam which is now taking much time to unravel. The situation was not right for me, yet I tried to comply.

My question to you is: where in your life are you adjusting yourself to fit the scenario/the instruction/the situation instead of examining the external pressure to decide whether it is relevant or appropriate to you personally?

What aspects of your life are you now trying to resolve because you tried to fit in or do the right thing?

Self-knowledge, and listening to intuition can be a short cut and circuit breaker!

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