I was speaking to someone today about mindset and I had to draw it to make it easier to explain. (Please excuse the drawing).

Mindset set is influenced by what is in your processing unit – your beliefs, past experiences and attitudes. You place Boundaries (which you initially acquired from your Family of Origin) around how you view things and this becomes Your Reality.

The components of the processing unit – your brain is then hardwired and becomes how you: think. what you say and influences your behaviour. So, this framework becomes your lens of how you view the world. We each see things differently based on our lens. This means we often distort reality, we don’t see things clearly and we limit the opportunities that are available to us.

So, how do you change your reality? You have to expand your boundaries.

How do you do that? You have to become aware of the limits/beliefs etc that keep you stuck from achieving the success you desire.

The key to expanding your boundaries is: to envision a different future, a different life, one that is not only what you want but that you desire. Inevitably, to change behaviour you need to CHOOSE a more abundant life, not simply just wanting it. Has anyone experienced this change? hashtag#mindset hashtag#influence hashtag#success