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Mental Health Issues Are The Result of Stress

Just yesterday a colleague asked me a question that is the basis of what I do.

“Celine, if leaders want to help employees become more successful, yet mental health & well-being issues are on the rise and increasing every year, why is this happening and what are leaders doing about this, especially when we have a Work Health & Safety Act?”

For me it comes down to two things: lack of understanding about segregation of duties and definitions.

* safety issues are easier to define, implement and document to cover the organisation under the Act, and * health appears to be a nebulous thing in the eyes of managers and leaders and consequently, when a safety measure is implemented it is automatically assumed that an employees’ overall health will improve.

These 2 functions need to be separated in job descriptions as they are unrelated and cause the continuation of confusion and inaction about improving employees’ well-being and hence success.

Well-being and mental health issues are the result of stress. Most people do not understand that lack of success is stress-related.

I am holding a webinar soon to discuss how stress is the basis of all dis-ease and therefore hinders success.

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