How to Move From Stress to Success

Success is about having more energy. Energy is the foundation of everything we are, do, say, feel and become. When you increase your energy, you begin to attract what you have chosen and desired to come into your life.

Successful people have a different outlook. They adopt success habits. They have rituals and routines. They gradually various aspects of their lives so they can a become more – that is the secret. You have to put in the work to become more – the success you want to be. It means you have deliberately chosen success rather than just wanting it.

So, lets’ look at a process to start this journey, because becoming successful, whatever that means to you, is a journey. The journey involves constant, adaption, revision, change, adopting new habits, setting new goals and refining then until you arrive at a satisfactory result. The result might not be totally in sync with what you thought you originally wanted. You have to be able t o recognise the little wins along the way. The you might want another thing or outcome. This means you might need to make other changes of habits for this new “want”.

If you are going to proceed down the path of choosing “success” then you might need to work out your plan of attack.

Firstly, you might need to identify what traits successful people have, or choose someone you admire or who is known to you. Let’s make a short list of these traits.

For example, successful people

  • Appear to have it altogether
  • They appear to be confident
  • They appear to eb achieving their goals
  • Health seems to be important to them, and this includes: restful sleep, exercise or movement, regular rest and rejuvenation, and proper food
  • They get up earlier and seize the day
  • They have rituals and routine that keep them on track
  • They practice affirmations, and undertake intentional goal setting and use mindfulness techniques
  • They have decluttered their lives and have a plan for the daily outcomes they desire – they prioritise what they do each day
  • They are positive and optimistic and their language expresses that outlook.
  • There obviously can ne many more… however, at least some of these would be ones that successful people adopt on a daily basis.

However, the overarching strategy is they have chosen/decided that they are going to be successful and will do whatever ins needed. They have a plan and take actions necessary to fulfil that plan. Of course, the plan may change but they keep fluid. They have decided that success is the journey and there is no Plan B.

Wow! You might think. That seems so out there! I don’t know if I can do this as it seems I’m so far behind the eight ball. I’ve been setting goals and doing affirmations for years and nothing has happened!

Stop! I agree with you. That probably has been happening for you at some stage during your journey. However, you can change that now. The key is you have to assess your starting position and write out where you are now, what you are doing, and work out what is working and what Is not, and keep doing the good things. You also might need to start copying some of the things successful people are doing and adopt those new habits right now.

Let me t ell you thin. If you are not succeeding you are stressed on some level, because stress is the basis of most failure and dis-ease. What this means is: if you are struggling to achieve things, straining against your beliefs/someone else’s rules and regulations; feel stuck in a rut and cannot make decision easily; have pain or tension in any part of your body/mind, or you are coming from a position of “lack” … you are stressed. So, step 1 is to stop and acknowledge that that is where you are right now.

At the beginning it was mentioned that successful people seem to have more energy. This energy can be thought of as their oomph, their vibration or their attractiveness level. So, really the key is for you to be able to adopt simple measures that gets you to a position of feeling better generally before you tackle anything else.

The second step is that you need to have an intention to increase your energy in your life. If you are stressed in any way instead of trying to implement new goal-setting or affirmation strategies, this one thing you can do which will repair your physiology, increase your energy, make you feel better, before you adopt the more rigorous routines of extraordinary effort that is needed to be successful, this simple strategy works.

You can find the process in more detail on this link.

In the mean-time do this: several times a day, for 3, 5 or 10 minutes at a time, od deep belly-breathing. This means keeping the chest static and only moving the lower abdomen, the part around your belly button.

Move the belly and not the chest. And breathe correctly. This very simple process not only gets more oxygen into your body/mind, it helps you break the stress response habits and increase your energy by default. It will help you feel better instantly.

This process is about retraining not only how you breathe, it is also about helping you become more present, focused and ware, without doing anything else. Just adopt this one new habit. See how it works for a week. Assess. The repeat or discard. However, this one technique is guaranteed to work, providing you do the work.

Assess. Choose. Breathe.

After those three steps, in one week you will be well on the way to adopting small success habits. After that you will feel more confident, because you have more energy to take the next small steps to implement daily positive rituals and routines that successful people do, such as: allowing time for mindfulness, going over their goals and affirmations, visualising the desired outcome and see yourself achieving these goals and attach a positive emotion/feeling as you do that visualisation, do some exercise, eat healthier and adopt better sleep habits. And finally, journalising what you are feeling, achieving and recommitting to on a daily basis.

Mindset is one of the most useful techniques for ingraining new habits. It is about retraining your subconscious and conscious minds to accept new more positive outcomes. For example, if you keep repeating to yourself that you are not disciplined, procrastinate a lot, are not organised or any other such sayings, what is happening here is that you are telling your subconscious that that I who you are and what you want. If you keep putting things off then it is a message to your subconscious that this behaviour if okay. It is acceptable to be a failure. The rouble is that you have been saying and doing these things over and over and that is why your subconscious is so hard to change.

However, by adopting small manageable changes along the way, making a choice to change and then going about doing a daily ritual, then prioritising what you do each day you will achieve so much more than you thought you could.

Success is not necessarily the end goal. Success is a process. It is the whole rough and tumble journey. Accept the highs and lows and enjoy the journey because the road you end up taking could very well be a surprise.