How to Change Mindset

Hello to my LinkedIn followers and LinkedIn connections.

Continuing the discussion from last week re mindset here is a rough diagram of how to change that mindset for optimum results.

The foundation of where you are at has been arrived at from your overall Stress Journey. This gives you the components of your CPU, how you process life. In order to change, you need to know and understand what is in the CPU.

Then you have to become AWARE of the limits you have placed on your success by the boundaries you have accepted.

The next step is one of the hardest – you actually have to CHOOSE SUCCESS – whatever that means to you, and then you have to take action.

The actions you take flow from the new life that you ENVISION. It is like the new end goal of how you would like your life to be. It is the result of “choosing” not simply “wanting”.

Has anyone taken these steps towards a purposeful life? Tomorrow we will look at the necessary ingredient that helps you achieve, because 97% of people fail and my objective is to help these people move into the 3%.

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