Employees feel the stress – can the signs of stress be resolved?

Stress is rampant in the community and especially in business organisations. Mental health has become one of the main issues that workers suffer from.

Do employers have a responsibility to look after the welfare of their employees since they spend over one third of their day/life with an employer?

Recent Studies by the Australian Psychological Association 2015indicate that over 87% of employees are either: distressed, stressed, have anxiety or are depressed. (This is a combined total). 50% of those workers feel that their employer does not care about their mental health or wellbeing, and 50% of workers feel that their employer does not value their contribution.

If employees are stressed they are also unhappy. Unhappy staff leads to a decrease in productivity, efficiency and hence profitability. This also leads to a higher staff turnover which leads to increased costs of hiring and training new staff, not to mention the hidden costs of recovery from the ill-effects of stress.

Stress is the basis of up to 95% of all disease. Stress is cumulative. If techniques used do not get to the real issues that are causing stress, you will continue to repeat patterns of unwanted behaviour and continue to cycle through unhappiness, depression and often anxiety.

There are very simple solutions to resolving stress permanently. And. There is only one thing that you need to do, and master just that one thing to do.