Did You Know:

  • that only 13% of employees are fully engaged?
    (Washington Post 2013)
  • that 87% of employees are depressed on some level (mild, medium or severe) (Australian Psychological Society 2011-2015 Study)
  • that 49% of employees felt that their employer did not care about their mental health or well-being, or valued their contribution (APS 2015 Study)

The unfortunate thing is that these studies have already “proven” that there is a major issue affecting companies with respect to stress and mental health issues. Evidence also indicates that poor mental health costs Australian Business $10.9 Billion every year in lost Productivity, Absenteeism, Presenteeism and Compensation claims.

Celine Healy-CEO

Wellness & Stress Resolution Specialist
I started Celine Healy Consulting because I love working with
organizations and helping them achieve overall wellness.

Video about Stress and Mental Health