I was speaking with a potential client the other day who asked what their organisation needs to do to move from a culture of “negativity” to one of “positivity”.  How can you change that and what needs to be done? Having looked at what was happening and speaking with the CEO and various leaders and managers, the issue appeared to be one of coming from a position of “lack”.  What this means is when you listen to the language and observe the behaviour of the majority of the staff, it appeared to be generally accepted that it was OK to speak negatively about things, people and events. This has, by default, generated a culture of “lack” being good enough, as we are getting by. This language translates into behaviour and permeates the overall culture which affects productivity, efficiency, effectiveness and bottom line. This leads to employee disengagement, an enormous bug-bear for CEO’s and leaders.  True leadership in this instance means the organisation needs to adopt a culture of “wellness”. This will then permeate the language and help with sustainable employee engagement. This needs buy-in and a choice. True leadership in this instance means “making the choice” to move the company towards positivity.  Thoughts?

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