Creating a Wellness Movement

Today I want to share with you my exciting new project – creating a Wellness Movement.

I will be creating a new Blog site titled: Wellness That Works. It will be about increasing wellness from every angle to increase success. (The site is being developed at present). This includes: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, and, business wellness as well.

Because I have access to the latest information on health and wellness – which I receive each week, but am not able to include a lot of these topics on a business site or my individual site, I have decided to set this up as a separate site. (there will be lots of articles and recommended products and services – a lot that I have used myself).

There will also be opportunities for Guest Blogging and Podcasts from wellness experts.

What I ask from you is: recommendations on articles you might like to read about, or products and services you might like to read about and try that will speed up your journey to overall wellness and success.

So, please leave some comments below. Looking forward to receiving them. Blessings Celine

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