Becoming successful requires energy!

Increased energy helps us reach our goals more easily!

Let’s go backwards on this topic reading down the diagram.

If you have energy, of all kinds, you are more likely to achieve your goals.
Because you have sufficient fuel to carry out daily tasks necessary. Energy is infectious and people like to be around vibrant, happy and positive people. Everything on the planet is made of energy. You attract into your life what you vibrate out. So, increasing your vibration is key to attracting the right people and resources needed to be successful.

So, where does our energy come from?
(A lot of people talk about mindset at this stage but my perspective is that is more basic than that.)

Energy primarily comes from: the food we eat which gives us the fuel to do our job; energy comes from getting enough sleep and having time to rest and rejuvenate; it also comes from increasing movement – exercise, walking and so on.

However… here is the big reveal !
Our energy comes from our breathing where we take in oxygen which feeds and nourishes the blood and this is sent around the body to heal, repair and maintain our physiology.

Quite simply – increased energy helps us achieve our goals!

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