An Organisation’s Cultural WELLNESS Plan

Last week I spoke about adopting WELLNESS as a value in order to change cultural mindset for the greatest effect.

See the diagram about how to do that. You see the POWER is in the PLAN.

You need to assess your current position and this is from every angle: health, wellness, safety, productivity, staff, positioning and so on. This is a data-gathering, an evidence-based approach.

Next you need to work out the possibilities of what you could achieve and this necessarily will be best achieved with entire staff involvement to create buy-in, which also may lead to getting managers on board first.

The final step – which could in fact be the first step in that you have envisioned a more optimal future.

The key to move from the possibilities to the desired outcomes is the HOW. This is your plan and the POWER is in your plan. It need not be static but can evolve as you learn and grow. Your strategies will indeed change over time.

What forms part of that overall WELLNESS Plan for cultural change is that you have to have anticipated the obstacles and be prepared because this is where people management comes into play:
– what habits might derail your plan
– what fears of staff abound
– what new skills, experiences and insights might be needed

Structure and envisioning are key elements of any cultural wellness plan.

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