Is every aspect of your life exactly how you would like it to be?

Are you suffering from any PAIN, STRESS or STRUGGLE in any area of your life:
whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual?
Are you experiencing LACK in any area of your life?
Are you stressed, anxious or blocking your success?
Are you experiencing any unwanted behaviours in any area of your life?

If so, you could gain instant relief, feel better and forge a new path to success and come to that place of inner peace and inner knowing when you clear away any negative emotions, negative beliefs systems or negative life patterns. This is about getting to the real you behind all of the issues in your life which are holding you back, a place where your true identity resides.

Your true identity

When you clarify your true inner essence, your identity, you will come to a sense of ‘knowingness’ of who you really are, minus all of that PAIN, STRESS and STRUGGLE. You will see what your life could be like. You will come to understand what your true life purpose is. You will begin to feel whole again and more in tune with life.

You see, if your true inner essence is clouded with negative life patterns, negative emotions and negative belief systems, how can you possible ‘know’ or have experience of what your true inner self, your true identity, really is. When you dissolve all of this negative ‘stuff’ from your ‘learned’ human identity, then your inner essence, your true identity, can shine forth. That is what this is about.

Using energy and kinesiology based healing you can get to your inner essence and have your true identity shine forth.

How your body works

If you are experiencing PAIN, STRESS or STRUGGLE in any area of your life this is your body trying to signal you that something needs to be addressed. If you ignore these signals the body will try to up the ante and send you more of these negative energies or circumstances. Or it may send you something entirely different, something that you may well take notice of this time. (I am using the word ‘PAIN’ to cover: physical pain, struggle, lack, emotional
upheaval, personal disasters, financial issues, and so on.)

Over a life time and particularly when you are young and in the formative years, and are in the process of developing your human identity and where and how you fit into the world your little self is like a sponge soaking up everything that happens, whether good, bad or indifferent. The body stores memories in various parts of the body, in organs, meridians, blood or bone. These tend to be in particular chakra areas of the body and like is stored with like. This means that the same or similar issues tend to be stored in the same areas. (See body structure for the storage of like issues. These have been espoused by not only
Louise Hay, but also, Mona Lisa Shultz- see reference page)

For example, if you have enough of one type of negative emotion such as: I am not good enough, I don’t deserve love, I am worthless and so on, these negative emotions/feelings, eventually cause us to have an on-going negative belief system around self worth, our self esteem or our confidence.

These types of negative beliefs and feelings about ourselves can create negative life patterns that we continue to repeat until we can overcome them in some way. Negative life patterns can manifest in different ways e.g. one person may tend to overeat to compensate for their feelings of low self worth. Another person may tend to push people away in relationships. Whilst another person may block material and financial success.

Our negative life patterns can manifest in differing destructive behaviours and until we can overcome these patterns then our lives will continue down the same track. If you continue to do the same thing then you will get the same result. I am sure we have all heard a version of this saying at some time in our lives.

I have heard some people in the media say:’ Just examine your negative Life patterns and then make a conscious decision to change!”

I will now ask: ‘Who has tried to do this?’ Who can do this unassisted, especially when we do not recognize our own negative life patterns. We don’t know how to change or what to change. We may not know what negative emotions may be running these patterns. We also don’t know what negative beliefs are running these patterns.

So, what do we do? Mostly we give up and continue our self sabotage, or our self punishment.

Now, what if you can recognise what your negative life patterns are and logically you know what to do to live a better, easier life, you think positively, and you are actively trying to change your behaviour, but you are still not getting anywhere.

It could mean that outside forces, unbeknownst to you, are holding you back from success. What do you do to overcome these negative energy forces? How can you consciously try to change your behaviours when everything appears to be conspiring against you to achieve the success that you desire?

That is what happened to me!

I had been very successful in a creative venture and was riding the success wave when everything suddenly stopped. I was unable to get anywhere. Logically I knew the steps I had taken to achieve that initial success, but I was not able to regain that flow when everything in my life came easily and effortlessly.

You see, there was an outside force holding me back. An energy force that was a deliberate external ploy to sabotage my success in every area of my life. I knew what it was. However, I did not fully understand the extent of the nature of the sabotage and how it affected Every area of my life. I was unable to change my circumstances unassisted. I continued in unwanted behaviours for some years until I found and experienced the right combination of energy and kinesiology based healing modalities. Once I had experienced these combined modalities I was then able to make a conscious decision to heal ALL of my life! (You Can read about these events in my story and latest book: Clarify Your Identity, Change Your Life.)

What is healing?

To me, healing means being as free as I can be of negative patterns, beliefs, emotions and energies, in not only my body, but also my surrounding aura. It means living at a higher level of vibration. Living a more conscious life!

It has been scientifically proven that everything is energy and that we are all made of the same ‘stuff’, and that energetically we are all one. If we are all one and made of the same stuff, then how could we possibly operate in this world as we would be one giant glob of goo. In order to operate effectively and function in this world we
have taken on a shape, a body or a physical form in order to experience separate and different events in our lives, in our families.

Not only do we have a conscious and a subconscious part of our mind we also have a personal unconscious part, that which appears to be inaccessible, a place where we store our personal memories. It has also been scientifically proven that we also have access to the universal collective consciousness, the same stuff, the goo, of which everyone is made up of.

In order to heal, you need to be able to tap into your personal unconscious and then tap into the universal collective consciousness. For example, if you have an issue which revolves around issues of self worth and you would really like to feel free and confident instead, then in a healing session we would tap into not only your personal consciousness, but also the wider consciousness, in order to send the information that is needed to clear any negative energies surrounding this issue.

Some of the relevant information is within your personal consciousness.
Some of the relevant Information is in the universal consciousness.

The universe operates holistically

It has also been proven scientifically that the universe operates holistically. What this means is that within each of us is access to all of the available information within the universe, and that this information is reflected within each individual. Such a paradigm describes how healing can work when we are able to tap into all of the available information in order to give us what we need to be able to heal on a permanent basis.

For example, in reflexology, just as the foot mirrors all of the organs of the body, so does the ear and the hand. This means that our individual bodies reflect what is in the universal collective consciousness, i.e. the whole. The individual mirrors the whole.

How do we access our personal unconscious and the universal collective consciousness in order to heal?

To me, the best way of doing this is by using a combination of energy and kinesiology based healing methods. Using energy methods, whether chakras, aura, reiki or hands on healing, the therapist is the conduit so that energy can flow through them and into the client to help unblock that dense vibration. However, this is only part of the solution.

Using this directed flow of energy healing in combination with kinesiology based healing methods gets to the root cause of an issue, the problem or negative feeling, and gets to the exact cause of the problem. Only when you do this can real healing take place.

Kinesiology based healing is based on the premise that your body knows what it needs to heal itself. The practitioner uses methods to ask the body about an issue and what it needs to bring to consciousness in order for the client to be able to release the emotion behind the issue and heal on a permanent basis.

Healing comes about when the unconscious is brought to the conscious mind and the client can go: ‘Ah ha! I know what that means. That is what the issue is about. That was what I was doing to block my success!’

So, the ‘Ah ha!’ moment comes when you can identify a time, an age, when the negative emotion occurred which resulted in the negative belief, which has continued to run your negative life pattern.

Healing has progressed such that we are able to be very specific about when negative emotions have made their impact on your life, at what age this occurred and what other issues relate to you still carrying that negative belief or demonstrating that negative life pattern. Once this has occurred you can start to live a more conscious existence. You will be more in sync with the Laws of Attraction.

The Laws of Attraction simplified

Simply stated, the vibration that you are operating at attracts similar vibrations, i.e. people, experiences or events into your life with that similar vibration.
This can be easily seen in Dr David Hawkins ‘s book: Power v Force, whereby he utilises the power of kinesiology to assess the vibration of the whole population of the world. He has also tested the veracity of his research and has proven that this is so. That is how powerful Kinesiology based healing methods are. They have been tried, tested and proven to be correct.

In his model of consciousness, Dr David Hawkins indicates, for example, that if you are vibrating at the level of anger, then that is what you will attract on a continuing basis until you are able to make a conscious decision to change your behaviour. If you do not change your behaviour to attract a more positive position in life, the chances of your vibration improving greater than five points in this life time is negligible. If you live in anger, resentment or as a victim, then you will continue to do so until you decide that you need to and consciously make a decision to be healed.

Only if you make a decision to heal your life and live more consciously then you are able to move to higher levels of vibration and hence live a more fulfilling life.

Our thoughts, words and deeds display who we really are and define our lives

For example, if we live in judgement of others and ourselves then we will continue to be judged, if that is our pattern. Your vibration will continue to attract like with like. You will continue to attract people who will judge you, and vice versa.

Our patterns will not change until we can change them

When a healing takes place the client has the opportunity to make that a permanent change, if and when they change their behaviour. If for example, someone wants to lose weight and has a healing around that issue, the next step for the person to take would be to take positive steps in order to choose healthy food, do some exercise and take vitamins and minerals. If they continued to repeat what they had done prior to the healing, then continuing along the unconscious pattern, their issue may well be only temporarily resolved. You need to change your environment to be more conducive to the life you have chosen to live. Once given a healing we need to take action to continue to live in a more conscious way.

We need to take responsibility for our actions

Energy and kinesiology based healing can in some instances, effect what could be called miraculous healings. People can dissolve enormous physical pain, anxiety and stress from their lives instantly. In some instances the client may not need to do anything else. In other situations the client will need to make sure that they have in place some on going maintenance procedures to continue to live more consciously. In all situations the client will need to make a decision to choose to live a better life.

You may need to take action to clear up your cluttered environment, eat more healthy, live more positively and so on.

On-going maintenance

My advice to people is to break their lives up into sections and make a conscious effort to clean up each area, one at a time. In some instances one major cleared blockage could well have a domino effect on the whole and positively impact several areas of your life.

The areas you might look at could be: personal, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, relationships, finance, business or career, life purpose and so on. In this way you will be sure to clear out as much negative energy and emotion as possible.

The next step

You need to take action. You need to consciously decide to live a more healthful and abundant life such that you are in emotional control, you have vibrant health, your are attracting the wealth you desire and the relationships you want.

You might incorporate: eating more vegetables, exercise, walking, taking vitamins and minerals, drinking more water, meditating, have regular healing sessions, pampering yourself, deciding to move to a better career, or taking on a different role in business your business.

Taking these steps may well mean that you now have a very clear life path and that your True life purpose will shine through. (See the links page for other ideas or therapists who may enhance your life path.)

I am very passionate about clarity around identity, i.e. the identity you were born with the one you came here with, the one that has not been compromised by negative emotions, negative belief systems, negative energies or negative life patterns. This inner essence is who you really are.

You need to take action

Do you want to experience this sense of inner knowingness of who you truly are?
Do you want to reclaim a sense of inner peace, acceptance and contentedness?
Do you want to be free of the PAIN, STRESS and STRUGGLE in your life on a permanent basis?
Do you want to not only glimpse what that sense of joy can feel like, but actually live on a daily basis?

If so, then I urge you to clarify who you really are, your true identity, so that you can truly change and live an extraordinary life! How you can do this is through the process of experiencing the combination of energy and kinesiology based healing that is offered here.

If you would like to heal your life then please send an email, make a call or simply book a session.

I look forward to your continued success!

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