The “From Stress to Success Model” of Wellness, forms the basic philosophy of Celine’s approach to individual and corporate wellness. Stress is at the basis of ALL disease, dis-ease, and mental health issues. If this is so, then the approach to resolving such issues is to deal with how people respond to a stressful event or trigger. In doing so, people will gain new skills for dealing with stress, permanently. In order to “heal” from all of the stress issues affecting people, various steps need to be taken, one at a time, to unravel this perennial problem. We start with Repairing physiology and then move onto the next logical steps to building resistance to stress, in the future.

Download your copy to gain further understanding of why this model was developed, and how, by taking a step-by-step approach to improving health and well-being, you will gain truly remarkable results for yourself and your staff.

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